2024 Goals


My goals for 2024.


  1. Lose 20lbs. I'm overweight, and I need to be more concious of how I eat. Starting weight: 233lbs.
  2. Only eat bread that I make, or is obviously hand-made. My ability to eat carbohydrates is unbounded, and having an arbitrary rule like this will probably:
    • Help me lose some weight
    • Make me eat nicer bread that I enjoy more on average
  3. Increase my 1 rep max powerclean to my bodyweight. I love powercleans as an exercise. My current clean is 170lbs, so this should be achievable, particularly when combined with bullet 1.
  4. Cold plunge/swim outside at least bi-weekly. It's great for my mental health and it's so easy to achieve.
  5. Dry January and Sober September (I made this one up, but it's alliterative so it's legit).


  1. Write at least 1 article per month on this blog. I enjoy writing, and it makes my thoughts clearer when I write things down.
  2. Cook for people in a slightly more formal setting than dinner parties. Hopefully start this via an idea I have for a supper club - The Albion Supper Club.
  3. Finish my van conversion to a higher standard than it is currently. I skimped on various pieces, and some bits need finishing.
    • Wrap the door inserts in fabric.
    • Re-finish the benches with nicer plywood.
    • Paint the roof panels.
  4. Use social media less. Replace this with writing and reading.
  5. Read 20 books. Tracking at books 2024.


  1. Explore JAX. It seems like the future of high performance computation.
  2. Do more pair programming. I enjoy this, and i've done it successfully only a few times.
  3. Make more static visualizations. I enjoy doing these, and I haven't done one for a while.
    • A follow up to my NHS visualization, around the effects of COVID.
    • T-SNE visualizations of some preference finetuning datasets.